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Calculating the correct amount for your travel allowance is a multi step process. The goal is to find the correct Daily Total that you are entiteld to claim and multiply that with the number of Days you are entitled to claim. To find this amount you need; 

  • The number of days 

  • Your Destination 

  • Your Annual Salary

The following steps will allow you to find your Daily Total

  1. Enter your DestinationStart Date and End Date. This will calculate the number of days you are entitled to claim. Do not claim days that you do not work. For example weekends

  2. Enter whether you are paid Daily or Hourly and then enter your Hourly or Daily rate. T

    his will calculate your Annual salary

  3. You now have all the information that you need to correctly claim your travel allowance amount. Open the ATO Travel Allowance Determination

     and go to table on page 4 or 5 to find out the amount that you can claim.

    1. Find the correct table based on your Annual salary

    2. Find your Destination 

    3. Find the Daily Total

    4. Enter the Daily Total from the ATO Travel Determination you are allowed to claim into the Daily Total Entitled to Claim field on the form. Your travel allowance claim amount will now be calculated

    5. Submit the form

  4. If you have any issues or questions please don't hesistate to reach out and contact us on (02) 6161 8580


Location where you stayed during your travel allowance period. If your destination is not in the list select Other
Only include the days you worked. Do not include days you did not work
Only include the days you worked. Do not include days you did not work

To correctly derive the amount you can claim you need to calculate your annual salary. This will allow you to choose the correct schedule in the ATO determination


By signing this I agree to the following;

  • I certify that the claims listed in this form will be used primarily for work purposes

  • I am completely responsible for the claims listed above

  • I acknowledge that Bookssorted will not cover any liability or costs as a result of these claims

  • I understand that any work expenses reimbursed by Bookssorted are not deductible in my personal income tax return and is considered double-dipping

  • I understand that submission of false or misleading information may lead to serious tax offences and result in my claim being denied

As part of validating your claim we ask that you verify your email address as registered with Bookssorted. Enter your email address and click Send Code. A code will be sent to your email address. Enter the code and click Submit Code.
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